A new trade execution for takes direct aim at an Asian stereotype to raise awareness of its Chinese-targeted service.
A full-page ad via Young & Rubicam’s San Francisco office broke last week in Adweek and other marketing-trade publications.
Its headline reads, “ lays to rest the notion that the Chinese don’t know how to drive,” continuing in smaller letters, “people to a site.” The words appear to bump into each other down the page.
The ad is designed to boost advertising and partnerships.
“This should make business aware of the tremendous economic potential that exists within the global Chinese-Internet marketplace,” said Hurst Lin, U.S. general manager and vice president of business development of the company’s North American unit, based in Sunnyvale, Calif. claims nearly 15 million page views daily, Lin said.
The ad, which targets North American advertisers and agencies, directs readers to a toll-free number, as well as the Web site.
–Angela Dawso