Carton Donofrio Lands Financial Account

ATLANTA Carton Donofrio Partners said it has added Promontory Interfinancial Network as a client.

The Baltimore independent was chosen following a review that involved undisclosed contenders. CDP said it would develop a corporate image campaign for the financial services provider that will include logo and identity development, advertising and collateral materials.

Arlington, Va.-based PIN offers financial services to banks that allow institutions to provide customers with up to $5 million in federal deposit insurance, according to CDP. The company’s certificate of deposit account registry service includes FDIC insurance coverage for deposits of up to $100,000. This service divides large deposits across several CDs, and the entire process is managed and monitored with a monthly statement from the customer’s primary bank. Currently, more than 600 banks in 49 states are members of the PIN network.

“Since our launch in 2002, we have made quite an impact on the way banks do business with their customers,” said Mark Jacobsen, president and chief operating officer at PIN. “It is important to step up marketing efforts as we continue to build the company.”

Jacobsen added that CDP was selected because of its understanding of PIN’s business and its experience working with other emerging brands. The goal of the new campaign, expected to launch in June, will be building awareness about PIN’s products and services, the client added.

Billings were not disclosed.