There’s a great deal of talk about the possibility of a national identification card coming into being. While some may find this idea intimidating, Korey Kay & Partners posits that it could be as friendly as it is helpful.

The New York shop recently devised its own “National Security Card” design—complete with a “Hello. My name is ___” introduction on the front and other information, such as an ID number, issue date, photo and signature, hologram, and voice- and retina-verification chips, on the back.

The card, created as a “what if?” piece for fun, is meant to be pleasant yet effective, according to Allen Kay, agency chairman, who was among those who worked on the design. “We saw that as kind of like an interesting challenge,” he said.

The “National Security Card” name is helpful, because it has more positive connotations for people than “identification” has, Kay indicated. And the “innocence” of the intro duc tory front side contrasts well with the back, he added.

So far, there are no plans to make real, tangible cards out of the design, but Kay noted it provided a good creative exercise for the shop. “We just have ideas, and we just do this to get it out of our system,” he said.