A Candy Company Gets Into the Children’s-Defense Act

What do Mr.and Hillary Rodham Clinton have in common? This’ll take a bit of explaining. Mr.is the star of a new ad campaign by Ce De Candy Inc. that encourages kids to stay in school. The campaign, which includes a national essay contest on the importance of education, also aims to promote the Union, N.J.-based company’s Smarties candy. (As you might expect, Mr. T’s familiar ‘Pity the fool’ admonition figures prominently in the effort.) In tandem with the launch of this campaign, a press release announces the company’s intention to make a donation to the Children’s Defense Fund thus currying favor with an advocacy outfit that’s a favorite at the White House. (As readers may know, Hillary Rodham Clinton used to chair the CDF.) Thus, thanks to a candy company, do Mr.and the First Lady stand shoulder to shoulder in their commitment to children. It’ll be an interesting exercise, by year’s end, to see which other advertisers have felt moved to send money to the well-connected CDF and other organizations presumed to be especially in the good graces of the Clinton Administration. And, while the activists at the CDF and elsewhere presumably will be glad to see more money come into their coffers, it’ll also be interesting to see how comfortable they are at being embraced by the tawdry world of commerce.
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