Cancer Society, Realtor Join T.G. Madison

ATLANTA – T.G. Madison here acquired two new business accounts last week–one national and one local–with combined billings of approximately $5 million.
The fledgling clients, both based in Atlanta, are the American Cancer Society and Harry Norman Realtors.
This marks the first time the American Cancer Society has had an agency relationship that was not pro bono, according to T.G. Madison president Lauren Genkinger.
“They got to the point where they felt they needed a dedicated resource,” Genkinger said. “The whole dedicated contribution environment has gotten so competitive, they really felt they needed to hire an agency and treat their awareness issues like a business, using the disciplines we’ve used for years to sell products and services.”
The agency’s first efforts will be aimed at promoting awareness of prostate cancer and generating income for the society’s legacy and planned giving program.
T.G. Madison’s initial work, which is scheduled to break late in the third quarter of this year, will combine national broadcast and print advertising. In addition, the agency will be responsible for the media portion of the account.
“We wanted a business-like approach to the important and complicated job of public communications on cancer issues, but it’s also clear that our new agency understands and cares about our cause,” said Steve Dickinson, national vice president of public relations for the client. “We have the potential to save lives with the work we do, and [the agency] got passionate about that opportunity right away.”
Separately, the shop was selected over a field of undisclosed Atlanta agencies to represent Harry Norman Realtors. T.G. Madison’s first work for the realty business will be released later this month.
“With so many local realtors being gobbled up by the mega brands, it’s nice to work for a strong local company,” Genkinger said.