Campbell Group, Rosborough Win Maryland Transit

Following a 10-month review, the Maryland Transit Ad-ministration has selected The Campbell Group as its lead agency.

The Baltimore shop will partner with minority specialist Rosborough Communications to handle the MTA’s four-year, $4 million contract.

TCG and Rosborough outscored Baltimore agencies including Carton Donofrio & Partners, Chess Communications, gkv and Trahan, Burden & Charles. Laughlin Marinaccio & Owens Advertising in Arlington, Va., also participated in the competition. Since incumbent The Reeves Agency ceased operations 18 months ago, TCG was serving as MTA’s interim shop.

“We did have a relationship with them, but there was no way of placing a value on that,” said TCG partner and co-creative director Andy Dumaine. “The playing field was extremely level.”

“The MTA evaluated excellent candidates for this contract from an array of qualified firms,” said Michael D. Bartholf, deputy administratorfor the Baltimore-based client. “The Campbell Group emerged as the agency displaying the combination of experience, innovation, crea-tivity, and cost-effective delivery of advertising and marketing services sought by the MTA.”

TCG and Dianna Rosborough, whose experience with the transit administration and state government helped secure the account win, will target current riders and Maryland commuters who do not currently use public transportation.

The team will also address gridlock in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., corridor. Some roads, Rosborough said, are congested all day.

“I think they wanted an agency that shared their vision,” said Dumaine. “The MTA is the only organization that can help the state out of the environmental spiral it’s in. They’re looking for a way to get people out of their cars.”

The first work from TCG and Rosborough, however, will focus on the transit adminstration’s employees. “We’re not selling bus rides, but facilitating people’s lives and giving them access to opportunities,” said Dumaine. “We want to show [riders] that [MTA] drivers take their responsibilities seriously.”

Broadcast, print and outdoor ads featuring drivers will speak to that, said Dumaine. A launch date has not been determined.