A Campaign For Parents

The Massachusetts legislature each year funds advertising for tourism and business development efforts, while the Department of Social Services routinely relies on pro bono work.
This year, however, the state legislature has put $250,000 into the DSS coffer earmarked for recruitment ads.
The broadcast effort being developed using in-house resources will dovetail with transit ads courtesy of Funds Distributor in Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, according to DSS representative David Van Dam.
When employees of Funds Distributor voted to devote their time and services to a worthy cause, DSS came up the winner. The result? Four ads headlined “Change the Headlines One Child at a Time” that seek to recruit working men and women as foster or adoptive parents.
“Today, like every day, 20 children will come into the care of DSS– joining 13,000 others,” reads the copy on one execution. “For now, they will need foster parents. Eventually, five of the 20 will need adoptive homes.”
Another execution features Funds Distributor president and chief executive officer Betsy Connolly, who also is a DSS volunteer and adoptive parent. –Judy Warner