BE A STAR The STAR media sales seminar will take place at a private conference center outside New York City. The three-day career-development workshop will focus on selling integrated marketing programs and nontraditional revenue. April 25-28, June 13-16, Aug. 15-18 and Oct. 3-6. For more info, call Laurie Kahn at (312) 944-9194, or visit the STAR Web site at

BACK TO SCHOOL Second Wind, an international network of more than 720 small and midsize advertising agencies, will hold its Daily Operations School in Chicago from March 14-15, Account Executive School in Atlanta from May 15-17, Summer School in Chicago from Aug. 7-9, Advanced Marketing Courses in Baltimore from June 5-7, and various seminars in cities such as Boston, Toronto and Charlotte, N.C. For more info, contact Jean Eshelman at (610) 374-9093, or send an e-mail to, or visit