Butler, Shine Grabs Lunch for Noah’s Bagels

Moving past its traditional print campaigns featuring beauty shots of food, restaurant chain Noah’s Bagels has expanded its marketing effort with two humorous TV spots created by roster shop Butler, Shine & Stern of Sausalito, Calif.

The work for the Golden, Col., client is appearing in test markets in Monterey, Calif., and is expected to expand throughout California in the coming weeks. With more than 100 restaurants in several states, Noah’s spends roughly $5 million annually on advertising.

“Lunch is the whole focus of the campaign,” agency partner and creative director John Butler said. “We wanted to say you count on Noah’s for great bagels, and it’s also the place you count on for a great lunch.”

The first spot shows a boy sitting at a table using his hands to stretch his mouth open. A restaurant employee comes over with an oversized sandwich and assures the kid he can fit the entire sandwich in his mouth. “No problem, you can do it, buddy,” he says.

A second ad shows an older woman walking to the counter to order a meal. After paying for her sandwich, she says, “Thank you, Reuben.” The employees’ name is not Reuben—he is simply wearing a pin advertising a lunch special for reuben sandwiches.

The tagline for both spots is, “Enjoy your lunch.”

“We tried to emphasize these are friendly, easygoing places for lunch and that the workers are nice people,” Butler said.

Separately, the agency also launched a print-only campaign for Business 2.0. The magazine, which the shop landed rough ly a month ago, wants to stand out in a crowded field by suggesting its readers are more sophisticated than most business types.

One print ad shows a businessman with his feet up on the desk. Text reads: “What this product needs is a snappy jingle.” The right side of the ad shows a photo of a Business 2.0 reader with the text: “What this product needs is a viral-marketing campaign.”