Business is Good Among Dot-Gones

A thorough industry search has turned up at least one agency that is just thrilled to seedot-coms go bust.

Richard Goldstein and his 3-year-old North Shore Designers specialize in placing ads for auction houses that liquidate the assets of failed dot-coms.

“You can’t believe the stuff these kids bought for themselves,” said Goldstein, who mostly works on 2-inch square newspapers ads and has annual billings of about $1 million. “We’re talking about $1,500 chairs, not just for the executives but for the receptionist and the mailroom.”

Goldstein admitted that the soaringfortunes of his small Los Angeles shop are unlikely to offset the toll racked up by toppled tech firms. Still, he said, the Internet-related sell-off is the biggest trend he’s seen in 20 years in the liquidation business.

NSD deals mostly in computers and office supplies. Goldstein said he seldom gets the cool stuff like the spokespuppet.

“That stupid sock puppet wound up on e-Bay before we could get our hands on it,” he said. “You can imagine the death-of-puppy campaigns we could have invented.”