Actor and director Steve Buscemi, who signed with A Band Apart Commercials in Los Angeles earlier this year, is making his directorial debut in advertising. He just completed 10 spots for Nike, sources said.
The ads, slated to break this week, tout Nike’s co-sponsorship of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).
The spots are said to have a “raw, street-quality,” with hand-held camera movements and colorful street scenes and sounds, according to insiders. Unlike most sports commercials, where the players are presented as god-like, the characters in these ads have no idea who the WNBA stars are.
Buscemi, best known for his offbeat characters on the big screen, made his feature directorial debut last year with Trees Lounge, a dark comedy about the trials and tribulations of an alcoholic living over a Long Island, N.Y., bar.