Burger King Puts Celeb Endorsements to the Test

Burger King is putting its celebrity endorsement to the test in a new ad campaign featuring Nascar driver Tony Stewart. Stewart, current point-leader for Nascar Sprint Cup Series and avowed fan of Burger King’s Whopper, will have his enthusiasm put to a polygraph test in a series of BK commercials and an online Webcast.

The first spot in the campaign features Stewart as a teacher instructing other celebrities how to properly endorse products. Students like comedian Carrot Top and CHiPs star Erik Estrada listen attentively as Stewart offers wisdom such as “only endorse things you believe in.”

Three additional spots will also feature Stewart, including one in which the racer takes a polygraph test to confirm his sincere endorsement of the Whopper. Stewart will also take part in a live polygraph test on Oct. 20, hosted on www.truthabouttony.com. Fans will be able to submit questions and vote on what will be asked of the driver.

“It’s no secret that I love the Whopper sandwich,” Stewart said in a statement. “Participating in a live polygraph test just further demonstrates my enthusiasm and the lengths that I’ll go to, to prove my love for its flame-fresh taste.”

The campaign is part of a multi-year sponsorship between Burger King Corp. and Stewart-Haas Racing, which includes Burger King branding and paint scheme on Stewart’s car — the No. 14 Burger King Chevrolet Impala SS.

There will also be a sweepstakes tie-in, offering visitors daily prizes including Crown Cards and NASCAR-themed merchandise, which they can enter to win at www.bkracing.com. A grand-prize winner and three friends will be treated to a day at Stewart’s race shop as part of an Ultimate Tony Stewart Experience.

Russ Klein, president of global marketing, strategy and innovation at Burger King Corp. complimented Stewart’s involvement with the campaign in a statement, saying that “we’re thrilled to bring his passion to life through this campaign and equally excited to be working with him in the coming years as part of our overall commitment to Nascar.”

Burger King spent $116 million on media for the first six months of the year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. MDC Partners’ Cripsin Porter + Bogusky is the client’s lead agency.

Nielsen Business Media