BULLISH ON the web

A new print ad for MicronPC.com aims to convey one point clearly–its services are no bull.
The ad, aimed at information technology workers at local and state governments, takes an off-the-wall approach. It shows a frame of a Web site titled “Gallagher’s high performance bull semen” and features pictures of bulls in various poses.
The copy reads, “If this organization can be an Internet success, why can’t yours?” The
ad goes on to list a variety of computer and Internet services.
The ad, created by Goldberg Moser O’Neill of San Francisco, is targeted at government bodies that want to expand a Web presence. The ad touts MicronPC.com’s subscription computing and Web hosting services.
The ad will run in local and state government publications.
No word yet on what the bulls think of the competition.
–Justin M. Norton