‘Building the New Economy’

Allen & Gerritsen Breaks First Work for Cambridge Technology
BOSTON–In its first nationwide branding effort, Cambridge Technology Partners lays claim to “Building the new economy.”
The campaign from Allen & Gerritsen, Watertown, Mass., is designed to help the client, a global high-tech consulting firm, differentiate itself from increasingly aggressive competitors, said A&G creative director Mike O’Brien.
Cambridge Technology has offered e-business solutions for several years, and the ads are intended to announce that to the marketplace, said Claudia English, senior marketing manager for the client.
An effort was made to position the Cambridge, Mass., client as having more experience than new players and a greater understanding of high-tech than generalist consultant firms.
The ads consist mainly of text on colorful backgrounds, with copy that strives to be light in tone yet make some serious points about the client’s offerings.
One execution promises, “More e-integration experience than Don’t-Blame-Us-If-Your-Lame-Old-Systems-Don’t-Fit Our-New Technologies, Inc.” Another contends that Cambridge Technology is “Providing longer-term vision than Last-Year-We-Were-Struggling-Musicians-And- Now-We-Drive-Ferraris, Inc.” All ads include the “Building the new economy” positioning line, which the company developed internally, and direct potential customers to the client’s Web site, www.ctp.com.
Spending is estimated in the $4-5 million range.
The effort is breaking now in business publications such as The Economist and The Industry Standard. Posters are also being placed in transit stations in key markets such as Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. In some cases, a “station domination” strategy is being employed, with all available space being purchased in key subway locations.
Despite its low profile, Cambridge Technology is a major player in the high-tech consulting arena, with revenues of $628 million in 1999. That figure, however, represented only a 2.6-per- cent improvement over the previous year. The company has faced stiff competition of late from established firms such as Andersen Consulting and EDS and newer players such as Razorfish and Scient. Allen & Gerritsen added the account in January following a review. There was no incumbent.