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S.F. Agency Promotes Wireless Products and Services on Web
SAN FRANCISCO– Online wireless superstore LetsTalk.com has tapped Tonic 360 as its agency of record. Billings for the kickoff advertising campaign were estimated between $12-15 million.
The Bay Area shop was chosen after a review that included three undisclosed Northern California agencies.
“LetsTalk.com helps wireless buyers cut through the confusion and find the right products,” said Kevin Burke, managing partner of Tonic 360.
The agency will help the company “cut through the clutter and competition to reach the right audience with the right message,” Burke added.
LetsTalk.com allows customers to comparison shop for key products and services.
The company’s Web site is designed to appeal to both casual phone users, businesses and travelers. One column on the Web site provides customers with recommended wireless products for family members, businesses and other needs.
The site also allows users a one-click to special deals on various wireless products.
Company officials said they believe the agency will allow them to tap into the $1.2 billion online wireless market, which could expand to close to $10 billion by 2004.
“We are dedicated to creating the very best wireless business anywhere on the Web. We know Tonic 360 can do a great job of communicating the superior buying experience we offer to customers,” said Nancy Friedman, brand marketing vice president for LetsTalk.com.
The campaign will include both online and offline advertising.
LetsTalk.com is privately held and based in San Francisco. The site went live in December 1999.
The company is partnered with cellular and wireless retailer Let’s Talk. The company runs more than 260 stores.
Tonic 360’s other clients include Sun Microsystems, Macys.com and Macy’s West.