Bozell Also Gets Milk, to Goodby’s Consternation

New TV-and-radio spots will hit consumers next month tagged, “Got milk?,” but for the first time, they will not be from the message’s original shop.
The California Milk Processor Board has expanded its licensing deal with the two national dairy boards for the trademarked “Got milk?” in new ads from Bozell in New York. The tag was created six years ago by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco.
“I’m trying to remain calm,” said Jeff Goodby, who created the tagline. “There will be things on the air that I will have no control over now. What I can do is assiduously guard what comes out of here.”
Bozell, lauded for its “milk mustache” print ads, will air its first TV spots with the “Got milk?” tag later this month. In one, three seniors fight thugs; in another, a man in a milk carton berates kids for not drinking milk. Two “mustache” ads will follow, mixing celebrities, mustaches and special effects, said a source.
Goodby’s ads depict the often-hilarious consequences of a world without milk. Dairy Management and the Milk Processors Education Program have used “Got milk?” in print and outdoor ads for more than a year. The boards announced a merger earlier this year and decided to extend the campaign to broadcast.
“In the end, it makes sense in terms of the overall value to the California dairy industry to go ahead and license it,” said Jeff Manning, California milk board executive director.
The national boards’ marketing budget will run from $170-180 million in 2000; California’s is $20 million. The boards’ deal is not seen to usurp California’s move. “We will continue to chart our own destiny in California and continue to work with Goodby,” Manning said.
The California board has already gained more than $12 million in revenue from more than 40 “Got milk?” licensed products. Got Milk? The Book is forthcoming.
Goodby is slated to break another ad with a dog eating peanut butter; a Santa spot will run for the holidays.