Boulanger Cooks Up Print for Olio

BOSTON “‘Gourmand-ese’ with a down-to-earth tone.” That’s how a representative from Boulanger & Skinnycat describes the agency’s new print work for Olio Restaurant.

The Canton, Mass., eatery, which changes its menu every six weeks, is seeking to solidify its growing reputation as a fine-dining destination on par with better-known establishments in Boston.

Executions are tied to specific holidays and do not use a tagline. The work is running in local newspapers and magazines. One upcoming Mother’s Day-themed ad from the Canton shop describes a rich dessert (“Molten Verona chocolate souffle with vanilla anglaise & handmade vanilla bean ice cream”) in the headline, adding later in that, “Of course, you could always just get her flowers.”

Diane Boulanger and Christine Rosecrans respectively handled copy and art direction.