book excerpt: Total Recall

How to build the value of a brand
What ever happened to Bartles & Jaymes and the Ford Pinto? Why have Starbucks, Campbell’s, Nike and countless other brands become household names? Why did Diet Coke succeed where Tab failed?
Joe Marconi, a writer and marketing consultant based in Western Springs, Ill., explores what it takes to create a brand that endures in The Brand Marketing Book. A good way to start is by choosing the right name. Developing and mining the intrinsic value of that name, and the suggestion of quality and value it carries, is the cornerstone of any serious marketing plan, Marconi argues. Backed by numerous case studies, Marconi lays out
theories for how to properly shepherd the process.
The products that prosper in the marketplace, Marconi suggests, are not necessarily the better ones; they are the ones that are better taken care of by their brand stewards. The Brand Marketing Book explores how and why to administer that care–offering strategies for creating, managing and maximizing the impact of a brand to develop long-term equity and loyalty.
With nearly three decades of experience in advertising and marketing, Marconi counts among his clients some of the most recognized companies in North America. The recipient of many prestigious marketing and advertising industry awards, Marconi is also the author of books including The Complete Guide to Publicity (NTC Business Books, 1999), Crisis Marketing (NTC Business Books, 1998) and Image Marketing