Book excerpt: Pyramid Scheme – A 3-D Approach to Marketing

The old order changeth. What was once a production-driven economy is now a consumer republic. Power has shifted from the manufacturer to the consumer, and the successful management of communications is now the key to building customer relationships and driving business results.
Today, an integrated communications revolution is under way. Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D., president of
Colorado consulting firm The Gronstedt Group, which trains personnel at a number of leading U.S. and
European companies, has examined this revolution in The Customer Century.
In his book, Gronstedt explains how some of the best managers and companies in the world, such as Xerox, Hewlett-Packard and Federal Express, are practicing integrating communications-external (with customers and shareholders), vertical (between senior management and workers) and horizontal (across departments, business units and geographic boundaries)-in order to champion customer focus and enhance bottom lines.
Gronstedt also argues that marketing and advertising professionals should redefine the role of communication-from communicating the value of the product and company to creating value for the customer.
The Customer Century offers a new model: To succeed in the 21st century, a company must identify customers’ needs and provide solutions. Gronstedt suggests ways any company can profit in a changing business climate.
Copyright (c) 2000 by Routledge. From The Customer Century: Lessons from World-Class Companies in Integrated Marketing and Communications by Anders Gronstedt. Reproduced by permission of Taylor & Francis/Routledge, Inc.

Chapter 1: Integrating Communi