Blue Sky: Pucks Lead to Pigskins

Blue Sky has won the pro-bono advertising account of the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

The Atlanta agency outperformed crosstown rivals T.G. Madison and Cole Henderson Drake in a review.

Blue Sky’s case studies impressed the review committee, but it was the shop’s grasp of the game’s significance as a New Year’s Eve event that sealed the victory.

“New Year’s Eve is a brand positioning thing for us,” said David Epps, vice president of marketing and sales for the client. “We have a limited inventory and budget, and we liked what Blue Sky has done through nontraditional marketing and advertising.”

Epps was referring to a promotion created by Blue Sky for Atlanta Thrashers’ season-ticket holders that gave each customer a hockey jersey.

“It gave [the NHL team] 15,000 walking billboards,” Epps said.

Led by president Rob Farinella, the agency made the holiday the core of its presentation.

“We’ll make the game a New Year’s tradition, rather than a college football tradition,” said Farinella.

Research suggests that people do not decide how they will ring in the New Year until two weeks into December, Farinella added.

Advertising, including radio, television and print, will also reference the game’s 35th anniversary.