Blue: It’s The New Green

Headshot of Adweek Staff

Young & Rubicam has seen the future, and the future is blue.
Green? Nah, that’s so ’80s. Blue appears to be marketers’ color of choice going into the new millennium, according to a report from the New York agency’s brand futures group.
The study cites Apple Computer’s new iMac (shown here)–a cool Bondi blue–and Pepsi’s electric blue can. It also notes that “when more than 10 million consumers voted on the new color for M&Ms, blue won over pink and purple,” so it must be true.
So, why is blue red hot? The color feels boundless, like the sky, said Marian Salzman, director of brand futures at Y&R.
The group discovered the trend after gathering data from colleagues in 42 countries. Highlights of the report, titled “The Green Challenge” –blue being green’s challenger–were delivered in a blue plastic folder bearing M&Ms, Berry Blue Jell-O, a pale blue candle, an electric blue pen, a navy balloon and blue eye shadow. Now wasn’t that the ’70s? –Andrew McMains