Blue Cross “Couch”

“As you grow, your needs change.” It’s hard to argue with that statement, which opens an Independence Blue Cross spot targeting young adults. Then again, given their seeming reluctance to let go of adolescence, you (and they) might wonder whether the premise — that today’s young adults will indeed grow and, dare I say it, grow up — is accurate. As it happens, the commercial (via Philadelephia-based Tierney) does a deft job of illustrating such growth as we see a young man on his couch — first by himself, then with a buddy, then with a girlfriend, and finally with a whole family, dog included. While our protagonist’s life is evolving, the voiceover explains that “At Independence Blue Cross, we have plans that are flexible, plans that are affordable, plans that fit.” The “flexible” part of the message is underscored by a music track: Brendan Benson’s 2005 song “What I’m Looking For,” with lyrics that say “I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I do know that I just want to look some more.” Viewers will draw assurance from this that signing up with Independence Blue Cross doesn’t mean locking themselves into a style of adulthood they find uncongenial. In this regard, it also helps that our man on the couch gets to keep his college-guy haircut and his maroon tops even as his life changes.–Mark Dolliver