blind ambition

The soon-to-be released film Daredevil is the subject of a unique interactive ad appearing at shopping malls. But the ad’s visuals couldn’t be viewed by the title character.

Based on a Marvel Comics character, the 20th Century Fox movie, set for release on Feb. 14, stars Ben Affleck as a superhero who is undeterred by blindness because his other senses function with superhuman sharpness.

An interactive ad cre ated by Reactrix Systems in San Carlos, Calif., features images projected onto the floor of shopping malls in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston. Viewers can change the images by kicking at them or waving a hand in front of the display area.

For instance, one can play with images of the film’s stars, placing the head of one character onto the body of another.

“The entertainment value draws people over to it,” said Reactrix CEO and founder Jon Friedberg.

Lisa Licht, svp of promotions for 20th Century Fox, noted that the studio opted for the unique approach in a bid to stand out amidst the many film trailers being shown during the holiday season.