BlackBerry Unveils New Enterprise Platform and Strategic Agreements

But it doesn't aim to lure 'fangirl' Kim Kardashian as a spokesperson

BlackBerry has unveiled its latest business-friendly operating system in a sponsored event in San Francisco.

The Canadian-based company debuted its BES 12 enterprise platform, which will let corporations manage their secure internal networks on BlackBerry devices as well as rival platforms like Android and iOS.

BlackBerry also announced a partnership with Samsung that will help the smartphone maker better serve business customers using a more secure BlackBerry platform, reports Forbes. The company inked an agreement with Salesforce as well to help its clients better secure sensitive documentation when accessed by mobile devices.

BlackBerry’s shares rose 9 percent following the announcements after options traders pumped up its stock on Wednesday.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said his company will focus its rebuilding efforts on bringing new technology to its core business—large corporations that have always used BlackBerry devices as hip-mounted mobile offices.

No Thank You, Kim

Chen's focus became clear when he rejected using reality TV start Kim Kardashian as the celebrity face of BlackBerry. Kardashian touted her fondness for the phones at a tech conference last month and told reporters that she was stockpiling BlackBerry devices just in case they ever disappeared. But Chen told reporters in Beijing during the APEC CEO Summit that he has no immediate plans to employ Kardashian to promote his revitalized products. The decision is probably a good one since Kim revealed a lot of skin on the front cover of Paper Magazine yesterday, and she wasn’t holding a BlackBerry.


But Chen has other plans for investing money into his brand, none of which involve big-name endorsements.

"I'm not into bringing celebrities on board," Chen said at the APEC CEO Summit in Beijing.