Black Rocket Debunks Stock Tips

Comical Morgan Stanley Ads Outline Perils
SAN FRANCISCO–A new ad campaign for the online service of brokerage Morgan Stanley Dean Witter encourages people to rely on more credible financial advice.
TV ads launched last week via Black Rocket poke fun at how people get stock tips. They will air on such prime-time shows as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Friends.
“In the world of online investing, information is cheap but knowledge is priceless,” said John Yost, the San Francisco’s agency founding partner. “We wanted to contrast the unparalleled resources Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online provides with the peril of relying on tipsters.”
The ads show people making dubious stock decisions based on Internet conversations and chance meetings. In the first ad, an investor takes a tip in a chat room from a woman at a party. In the second, a man unwittingly takes the advice of an art gallery visitor who talks to aliens.
Client executives said they want to emphasize that tested financial advice is safer–and more lucrative.
“There are a lot of sources of information on the Internet, but very few can offer the serious research … and access to IPOs online investors are looking for,” said Tom O’Connell, president and COO of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online. K