Microsoft Is Unveiling a New Interface for Bing Ads

A new look and revamped features

Microsoft is rolling out a new Bing Ads interface to its users this month, bringing a wide range of upgrades, improvements and new features.

“The changes, which reflect the feedback of our customers, go far beyond just a new look,” said Dare Obasanjo, group program manager for Bing ads applications and developer platform, in a blog post. “Not only has the site been redesigned to simplify navigation, a number of existing features have been revamped to make you more efficient including negative keywords, opportunities and change history."

The changes rolled out to a small number of users at the beginning of August and will continue throughout the month. Obasanjo noted that the improvements include easier access to frequently used tools and links; shared libraries across campaigns; improved campaign metric charts to track progress; a more intuitive Opportunities tab for proposals; and a complete overhaul of the Change History page.

In addition, the company updated the targeting features of Big Ads, making it easier to specify the exact locations where the search ads should appear. Devang Gandhi, senior program manager in the Bing Ads division of Microsoft, said in a blog post that Bing Ads now has improved map control with the ability to see the outline of the targeted areas, improved radius targeting and the ability to use both types of location-based targeting in the same campaign.

These changes come as Bing Ads wraps up a strong fiscal year. David Pann, gm of search advertising for Microsoft, noted that Bing has seen clicks increase by 30% in the last year, with mobile clicks up 133% as the company continues to add functionality for advertisers to better reach the mobile market.

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