BHL Brings Goldfish Snack to Animated Life

ATLANTA BrightHouseLive will debut its first work for Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish crackers in a television ad scheduled to begin airing nationally in prime time Monday, the agency said.

The campaign introduces Finn, an animated Goldfish character. In one ad, Finn tries to advise the other crackers about how to avoid being eaten. The other crackers ignore him and jump into a bowl on the kitchen counter. Finn goes back into the Goldfish package with the comment, “So much for fish being brain food.”

The independent Atlanta shop created four 30-second and three 15-second television spots for the campaign. Kachew in Los Angeles produced the animation for the ad.

BrightHouseLive won the project in November without a review. Billings were not disclosed, but Pepperidge Farm, a subsidiary of Campbell Soup, spent nearly $25 in measured media on Goldfish crackers and pretzels in 2003 and about $14 million through the first nine months of 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“The Pepperidge Farm Goldfish is one of the most recognizable brand characters today,” said Steve White, vice president of youth snacks for the company. “In bringing that familiar, smiling face to life, we had to make sure we were connecting with consumers in a way that was fresh without losing sight of the relationship they’ve had with the Goldfish icon over the years. We feel confident that kids of all ages are going to love the character as much as they love the snack.”