Better Late Than Never

It seems the police are never around when you need them, and always around when you don’t.
Lawrence & Mayo, a Newport Beach, Calif., shop, learned this on a recent back-alley commercial shoot in Santa Ana, Calif., for pro bono client United Way. The agency hired a police officer to oversee the shoot, but when the officer didn’t show up, and attempts at hiring another proved futile, the shop proceeded with the filming.
The shoot consisted of a group of teenage hoodlums destroying a car. The gang taunts an angst-ridden boy on the sidelines, trying to convince him to join them. Later in the spot (shown here), we see that the boy has refused and has joined a baseball team instead.
Neighbors in the surrounding area were unaware that the incident was being staged for cameras. This was brought to Lawrence & Mayo’s attention when four police vehicles and a canine unit arrived on the scene.
Upon learning what was really going on, one officer looked at the fun the boys were having and commented longingly, “I’d rather be them than the cop.” -Teresa Buyikian