Bertek Pharmaceuticals Weighs Ad Options

ATLANTA Although Bertek Pharmaceuticals held meetings with a handful of shops this week, the drug manufacturer is not ready to initiate an agency search.

Sources said the company, which met with shops in Whippany, N.J., is looking to spend $10-20 million on a “corporate image assignment.

But Jason Harper, associate marketing director for the Morgantown, W.V., division of Mylan Laboratories who confirmed the meetings, characterized the talks as exploratory and did not confirm future spending increases.

“We’re kind of doing home work right now to see if we want to develop a marketing program or hire an agency,” Harper said.

Rienzi & Rienzi Communications in Montville, N.J., currently handles advertising for Bertek. TNS Media Intelligence/CMR recorded no measured ad spending on the brand in 2002 or 2003. The last recorded spending was in 2001, when it was less than $1 million.

Mylan Labs, parent company of Bertek, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Tech and UDL Laboratories, develops and sells branded drugs with a focus on cardiology, dermatology and neurology. Bertek manufactures and markets more than 130 prescription products, including antihypertensive Maxzide, anticonvulsant Phenytek and beta blocker Nebivolol.