It’s possible that—courtesy of Toyota—blaming traffic jams for arriving late to work may soon be a thing of the past, according to a new ad by Oasis.

The New York shop last week debuted new Toyota Corporate print work for Toyota Motor North America, which details the automaker’s “big thinking” on various worldwide concerns, said Paul Bernasconi, Oasis creative director and partner. The ads keep the tag, “Today Tomorrow Toyota,” while the copy describes Toyota’s efforts.

One ad shows a parade of white Toyotas being tested on a highway above a second, more heavily trafficked road. Copy under “Today” reads, “Develop smart highway systems to help traffic move more smoothly.” Under “Tomorrow”: “Think up new excuses for being late to work.” The ad then notes how Toyota recently tested a highway system in San Diego that helps cars maintain safe distances from each other, which could help regulate traffic flow.

A second ad focusing on Toyota’s work to reduce smog-forming emissions in vehicles shows a Toyota cruising on a rural road past two “wild” goats.

“The idea of the campaign is to take some of the really amazing things Toyota is working on and project them forward,” said Bernasconi.

Ads are running in newspapers and magazines nationwide.