Behind The Scenes

Creatives at Bartle Bogle Hegarty in London conjured up a creepy giant spider and spiderweb for the latest Audi RS4 ad. With a mix of live action and CGI, the ad shows a web full of old used cars and a giant spider that morphs into the RS4 at the end. Director Lynn Fox of Blink shot the web and its suspended cars in a West London studio over three days. The spider was created over a month at The Mill in London, with a spider expert giving advice about texture. The music, a lone violin with patches of silence, was pared down from the original orchestral score to heighten the creepiness. “The spider turning into a car was the trickiest bit,” said creative director Russell Ramsey. “It was at the very end of the film, and [creating] it came down to the last few days before the ad aired. It was kind of a relief that it worked so well.”