Behind The Scenes

Crispin Porter + Bogusky creatives did a bit of ambush commercial-making by casting Omarosa—everyone’s favorite person to hate on The Apprentice—as the new boss in town, but not telling the other cast members. In the spot, an office worker wonders who ordered the Angus burger with bacon and cheddar before Omarosa marches in and demands the burger as the workers look on in shock. “If you look at the spot, you’ll see there are some genuinely surprise looks from the cast,” says creative director Rob Reilly. “The first take was really fun because we all knew it was coming [but the cast didn’t].” As for how the famously opinionated Omarosa behaved on set for the spot, which was directed by Moxie Pictures’ Martin Granger: “She was very pleasant,” Reilly says. “Once she got into it, she got better and better at pulling the scene off.”