Behind The Scenes

The destruction of Nate ‘n Al’s deli, a landmark establishment in Los Angeles, was no easy task for Mendelsohn Zien Advertising. In order to show a car driving into the plate-glass storefront of the deli for an ad for Carl’s Jr.’s new Double Pastrami Burger (because delis don’t have drive- thrus, as the ad copy explains), the Los Angeles shop got permission from the deli to use its name and re-created the storefront on the back lot of Universal Studios, a space they had for just one day. A stunt driver then drove into the plate glass. They had just two takes to get it right before it started raining, and the first time, the stunt driver drove too far and hit the counter. Fortunately, creatives loved that take. “It made it more aggressive,” says art director Marcus Wesson. They made the glass shatter in a more spider-web style in post-production.