Beber Silverstein Breaks Education Fund Effort

ATLANTA Beber Silverstein Group last week launched a pro bono print campaign for The Education Fund. The ads, which are running in the Miami Herald, describe the nonprofit organization’s programs and accomplishments.

Miami-based Beber was selected for the effort to help the Education Fund build awareness of its initiatives that serve Miami-Dade public schools, said Linda Lecht, group president at the organization. “During this time of economic recession, The Education Fund’s efforts are critically important,” Lecht said.

The organization has contributed more than $3.7 million in donated goods and has awarded more than $500,000 in grants for teaching projects that benefit more than 14,000 students. Agency creative director Joe Perz said the campaign uses “simple visuals with a memorable message” to showcase the purpose and programs offered by the organization.

The Education Fund hopes to improve resources and solicit contributions from individual donors with the campaign, according to the organization.