BBM Launches Combined Radio, TV Panel

BBM Canada launched Monday (Aug. 31) the world’s largest combined TV and radio audience measurement panel. Radio and TV ratings, produced by TNS, are based on a single panel of 9,000 participants using Arbitron’s portable people meter technology.

BBM has been using PPM technology to measure television viewing in Montreal since 2004. The new joint panel replaces BBM Canada’s diary service in five markets and the legacy electronic measurement service in TV provided by Nielsen.  

“The launch of BBM Canada’s joint radio and television PPM service is an exciting achievement for the Canadian advertising industry,” said Jim MacLeod, president and CEO of BBM Canada.

In the U.S., Arbitron is using the PPM to measure radio audiences as it rolls out the service to the top 50 markets. The PPM is currently commercialized in 20 markets.

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