BBDO Breaks Campaign for Georgia Natural Gas

BBDO has launched a new campaign for Georgia Natural Gas, its first in nearly three years.

Work from the Atlanta agency promotes the physical and emotional comforts afforded by heating with natural gas. A new tag, “Your gas company,” touts the supplier’s leadership in a deregulated market.

“The campaign reinforces what consumers have told us—people recognize and value the fact that gas is our only business and that no one does it better than the industry leader,” said Mike Braswell, chief operating officer for the Atlanta-based client.

In three 30-second television spots directed by Paul Goldman of Partizan Entertainment in Los Angeles, people suffer through a variety of surreal situations.

In “Laundromat,” a man dances from one dryer to another, lifting out and snuggling bundles of warm laundry. The laundromat, infused with cold, blue light, appears sinister. This effect is deepened by one other customer, an elderly woman guarding her own dryer, who has the spot’s only speaking role. “Not that one,” she barks, when the man approaches.

In “Worst Day,” a hapless everyman is plagued by a wind that blows away a sheaf of papers, gets trapped in the door of a bus that drags him down a rain-swept street and abandoned by a wife who leaves him with nothing but the thermostat. He cranks it up to 74 degrees in order to dry his feet in comfort.

Each commercial closes with a voiceover: “Georgia Natural Gas. We want to be your gas company.”

Print advertising, breaking this month in daily newspapers across Georgia, and radio spots are also part of the campaign.

BBDO executive creative director Bill Pauls led the effort.

GNC, a subsidiary of AGL Resources, is Georgia’s largest gas supplier.