BaylessCronin Is Ready for Some Fast Football

Quick wit and fast edits mark BaylessCronin’s promotional television spots for ABC’s Monday Night Football.

“We got this project out of the blue,” said creative director Michael Cohen, who, with agency partner and executive creative director Jerry Cronin, oversaw the quick turnaround ads featuring MNF commentators Al Michaels, Dan Fouts and Dennis Miller.

“It was two weeks from call to presentation,” said BaylessCronin art director Mark Cohen, who works with brother Michael on similar projects for ESPN.

The agency team, which included copywriter Brad Scheck and producer Halle Griffee, shot the spots on a Thursday in Los Angeles with director Kinka Usher.

“The talent wanted to get home by five,” said Michael Cohen. “We’ve never worked that fast.” He credited Hank Polonsky in Los Angeles for “fast and fluid editing.” The work was cut and at the client by Friday.

The Atlanta agency’s three 30-second commercials showcase MNF’s broadcasters. In “Pool,” they comment on the chances of a fat guy hitting on a bikini-clad babe. Michaels makes the call: “Boys, how about this matchup? You have an experienced offense against a young but tough defense.” Fouts gives the insight: “He’s going to have to score a lot of points early to win this, Al.” Trueto his roots, Miller gets the last laugh. “I’ve seen better moves during the mating season at Galapagos,” he quips.

“Lobby” delivers the same setup. The sportscasters speculate on a bellhop’s chances of carrying a load of luggage to an elevator. In “Restaurant,” they observe the fumbling of an inept waiter.

Each spot closes with the tagline, “These guys are always on.”

Print efforts are running in ESPN magazine, Sports Illustrated and USA Today.