Barber Martin Claims $17 Mil. Virginia Lottery

Barber Martin Advertising has won the Virginia Lottery’s $17 million ad account.

The Richmond, Va., shop topped Barker Campbell Farley & Mansfield of Virginia Beach, Va., and undisclosed others in a review.

“We were impressed with Barber Martin’s retail roots, and with their ability to carry our new theme forward and revitalize the brand,” said Penelope W. Pyle, director of the Virginia Lottery.

The three-year contract will include print, broadcast, outdoor and point-of-purchase elements.

“We’ll be designing new products every month,” said agency president Bob Barber. “This is a full-court press kind of account.”

Among the shop’s first efforts, breaking in late March, will be a “new price-point ticket,” said Kyle Rogers, client director of marketing. “We release approximately 50 different scratch games per year.”

According to Pyle, the lion’s share of the advertising work is retail, “but we have spent considerable time working on the rediscovery of our brand.”

The Virginia Lottery has been operating since 1988, but its profit distribution shifted from the state’s general fund in 1999 to exclusive support of public education. (A similar distribution system has pumped tens of millions of dollars into Georgia’s public schools and institutions of higher learning.)

Because of that educational focus, the client wants to keep its branding professional and fresh, Barber said. “A lot of the emphasis and distribution of dollars has been directed toward relaying that information,” he added.

Barber Martin’s winning presentation focused on strategy, media and creative.

“The lottery’s creative has always been entertaining,” said Barber. “We are especially pleased that the Virginia Lottery recognized our retail and brandingcapabilities.”

Virginia Lottery ticket sales reached $980 million in 2000.