Bank Debuts Inspirational Series

McKinney & Silver will introduce its first advertising for First Citizens Bank this week.

The Raleigh, N.C., agency developed a print campaign for the 104-year-old bank that is centered around the tagline, “Do something amazing.”

Four print ads will appear in the Charlotte Observer, The Greensboro News & Record, and The Asheville Citizen Times in North Carolina and other daily newspapers in Virginia and West Virginia. Radio commercials will debut this summer.

The ads incorporate black-and-white photography of individuals by Kyle Hood and two check boxes labeled with possible options. In one ad, a long shot of a girl walking through a field is paired with “Grandpa” and “Guardian Angel.” The boxes prompt readers to use the bank as a financial partner.

Agency research revealed alarge gap between customers’ perceptions of the regional bank and everyone else’s, said Mark Schofield, executive group director at McKinney.

The client, Schofield said, worried that its messages were vague. The bank felt that it was not as well understood as it should be, even with its long tenure in the marketplace.

“When we listened to customers talk about their relationships with First Citizens, we realized how strong their bond is with the company,” said David Baldwin, executive creative director at McKinney. “The campaign focuses on possibilities, wishes and dreams, inspiring people to act.”