The Ballpark Preps Fans for Even More NASCAR

Targeting hard-core car racing fans, The Ballpark this week launches a national TV and radio campaign promoting In Demand’s new NASCAR pay-per-view package.

Themed “You need more NASCAR,” ads introduce digital-cable subscribers to the NASCAR In Car package, which consists of seven dedicated pay-per-view channels on the In Demand network showing NASCAR races with in-car cameras and audio, virtual dashboards and real-time statistics.

One 30-second spot has a man preparing his lounge chair for NASCAR viewing the way a member of a pit crew would work on a race car. The chair is elevated on a jack, and the man toils away underneath, using his tools to fine-tune it.

Another execution shows a guy sitting at a kitchen table, waiting for his wife to prepare his breakfast. When she places a carburetor on his plate, he grabs a can of motor oil and pours it on the machinery like syrup on a pancake.

Each spot ends with graphics ex plaining what the package is and how to subscribe.

Ballpark principal and account director Andrew Shevin said the effort focuses on serious motor-sports fans because subscribers must sign on for an entire season.

“These are car fans that need more NASCAR,” Shevin said. “They eat carburetors for breakfast and fix their BarcaLoungers using tools you’d normally use at NASCAR.”

This is the Santa Monica, Calif., agency’s first work for In Demand since landing the project in April. The campaign also includes one 60-second radio spot.

Ads are slated to run throughout the entire NASCAR season. Campaign spending by the New York-based client could not be determined.

The NASCAR In Car service becomes available in June. Pricing has not been determined, Shevin said.

The Ballpark also works with such clients as the Anaheim Angeles, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and the Hollywood Bowl.