Baldwin & Stone Unveils TV Spots for W.B. Mason

Carrying around large stacks of copy paper can be detrimental to one’s health, but W.B. Mason has the cure.

That’s the pre-mise of Baldwin & Stone’s latest TV effort for W.B. Mason, touting the company’s copy pa-per selection and delivery service.

One ad opens with a voiceover: “Baffled by a strange disease that stretches the arms of people buying copy paper at office superstores, scientists at the W.B. Mason Institute studying the problem shocked the world by announcing a cure.” Next, a “scientist” with a German accent explains the company’s free same-day delivery in the Boston area and next-day delivery in Providence, R.I.

“Copy paper is a big item that people go out for and they really resent having to schlep it home,” said Paul Stone, creative director at Baldwin & Stone, Cambridge, Mass. “The challenge was to maintain the brand personality but keep it fresh,” said Stone, who has worked with the Brockton, Mass., client for 14 years while at Baldwin & Stone and the former T.J. Clark in Hingham, Mass. “You have to find an interesting story to tell.”

The company first promoted its same-day delivery service through commercials that ran about one year ago [Adweek, Jan. 17].

The new ads retain the “retro” feel of previous efforts, using black-and-white photography and the tagline “Who but W.B. Mason.”

TV ads broke last week during NBC’s The West Wing and will run through the third week of October on primetime network, with some news and early morning programs in the mix. The campaign budget is estimated in the six-figures.