Back In Action

Stashed away in your desk drawer or the portfolio of unwanted work, they wait, gathering dust. Although others shunned the work, you knew someone out there would recognize their potential. Thank you, Oink Ink Radio.

With its fourth annual “Dead Radio Contest,” the production house is inviting adfolk to submit once-dead scripts by the May 15 deadline.

The contest idea resulted from “frustrated writers’ comments that they were sitting on good stuff that never made it to radio,” said Oink Ink vp Jim Price.

The winner gets a free trip to Oink Ink’s office in either New York or Santa Monica, Calif., where the company will produce the spot.

Each year, a few hundred submissions are received. Entries include some good work and other scripts that understandably never made it to the airwaves, said Price. A past submission, for example, featured Jesus refusing to eat chicken at the Last Supper.

But then there was last year’s winner from DiMassimo Brand Advertising in New York for In it, a mock doctor touts a new diet while an “attorney” warns of side effects such as “spontaneous ejection of internal organs.” Now that’s potential.