B-R Transforms Farmland Into Platescapes

CHICAGO Bernstein-Rein turns food into fields in a new business-to-business food service campaign for Farmland.

Print work breaking this month shows photographs of Farmland ham, bacon and pork chops fashioned to look like crop rows, hills and expanses of countryside on a plate. In the ads, side dishes are also fashioned to be a part of the picture, such as a broccoli forest or orange-slice sunrise. The ads employ only one line of copy: “The goodness of the land reflected in every plate.”

“Who better than Farmland to represent beautiful farming landscapes on a plate,” said Arlo Oviatt, the shop’s executive creative director, in a statement. “The whole concept adds a dimension to the food that is appealing to the eye and the palate.”

Spending on the effort was not disclosed. Both Farmland and B-R are located in Kansas City, Mo.