Aydlotte Quits Atlanta Shop

Bill Aydlotte, president and chief creative director of Aydlotte & Cartwright Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations here, abruptly resigned last Friday amid rumors the $24 million agency will close its doors this week.
“I founded this company in 1985 with my partner and later my wife, Jeane Cartwright,” Aydlotte said in a statement. “Jeane and I are in the process of a divorce, and while this is a private matter, I have found it impossible to remain with the company under the current circumstances.
. . . An attempt to sell the company was blocked by the A&C board of directors earlier this week, thus I have no further recourse but to resign.”
When asked about the agency’s future, he said, “That’s all up to Jeane now. I have no idea.”
Contacted at her home, Cartwright–who sources noted is the only member of the agency’s board of directors–said she was unaware of Aydlotte’s resignation and would not comment further on the matter. She acknowledged that she has not been at the agency for more than four years because she suffers from a rare nervous system disorder.
According to sources at Atlanta agencies and area headhunters, A&C staffers who have been seeking new jobs said they were told the shop will close in the next week. A&C had downsized to 25 employees from a high of 38 and closed its satellite offices in Naperville, Ill., and Dallas in the last year.
A&C public relations manager Rick Smith did not return telephone calls by press time.