Auto Web Advertising Grows in Autumn

Looking to showcase new models, year-end sales and zero-percent financing deals, automakers ramped up online efforts this fall, spending more than $2.3 million on Internet advertising and recording 132 million impressions in October. Those figures, according to the latest report from Nielsen/NetRatings, represent a 20 percent increase in online spending from August to October for the auto category and a 30 percent increase in impressions during the same time period. By comparison, auto advertising impressions grew 18 percent from September (112 million impressions) to October, while month-to-month spending rose 12 percent. “Automotive manufacturers rallied in September and October to launch integrated advertising campaigns across different media, including television, print, radio and the Internet,” said Allen Weiner, vice president of analytical services at NetRatings. “Incorporating the Web into overall advertising strategy has allowed automotive manufacturers to deliver a single marketing message across all media.”
Toyota led the pack of automakers with nearly 26 million impressions in October, reaching nearly 6.4 million surfers, according to Nielsen. Nissan followed with more than 21 million impressions and attracted the largest audience of nearly 6.5 million unique viewers. General Motors issued nearly 20 million advertising impressions and drew more than 4.2 million surfers, while Ford had more than 13.5 million impressions, which were seen by 3.9 million viewers. Rounding out the top five, Mazda distributed more than 9 million impressions, attracting more than 2.7 million surfers.