Atkins Remains on the Job For Less of Retooled Lot$Off

By Steve Krajewski

DALLAS–The Atkins Agency, San Antonio, is developing a new marketing strategy–with a reduced advertising budget–following a court-approved restructuring of client 50-Off Stores of San Antonio.

The client’s $5.2 million advertising budget will likely be reduced to the $3 million range as the company repositions itself and begins promoting its scaled-back operation, agency president Steve Atkins explained.

Atkins said various details of the reorganization, which include a name change to Lot$Off Corp., are still being ironed out, but he confirmed that his shop will continue to front marketing efforts.

The name change is expected to become effective this week, according to a company statement.

‘We’ve weathered the storm and the new leadership of the firm has done a lot to build credibility and maintain confidence,’ Atkins said.

The company has closed more than half of its 100 stores and is changing its merchandising strategy. Many of the shuttered outlets were in poor geographic locations that did not get adequate media support, Atkins said.

Apparel previously accounted for the bulk of the chain’s wares and had been the focus of Atkin’s TV and radio ads. The client’s new management team plans to shift the store’s offerings to more hard-line goods, including home furnishings and decorating accessories, with product selections rotated frequently.

Atkins said definitive plans for a campaign promoting the store’s new emphasis are being developed.

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