Asics “Shedding”

Fear. Worry. Doubt. A global Asics campaign from Vitro shows how running can shed more than pounds as those types of words fall away from runners bodies like beads of sweat. “Running releases more than just sweat,” concludes the ad. It’s a nice looking spot, with serene, picturesque images of runners making that mind-body connection as the negativity streams off them and trails behind. The footage is backed by the catchy riffs of electronic-indie pop Electric President’s “Ten Thousand Lines.” The graphic treatment of the descriptions of those common negative intrusions gives a different look to a spot that might otherwise seem all too familiar. But the density of the deluge of them makes the words a bit hard to read. But it does stylishly accentuate the core Asics brand philosophy that is inherent in the name, an acronym that comes from the Latin “a sound mind in a sound body.”--Eleftheria Parpis