Art And Athleticism

There’s nothing like a little one-upmanship to get a point across, especially when such seemingly incongruous events as dancing and sports are being compared.

“Professional wrestlers can lift over 100 pounds with one hand,” reads the copy in one new print ad for the Pennsylvania Ballet. “We can do it with one toe.”

The ad’s sole image is of a ballerina’s calf and foot poised in the en pointe position. That, the copy’s elegant type and the Ballet’s new logo appear before a white background. The ad, part of a new branding campaign for the Ballet, was created by The Star Group in Cherry Hill, N.J.

In another execution, a male dancer is shown leaping across the page, arms spread wide, his head and feet cropped. The text here: “Not all Philadelphia flyers wear skates.”

“We wanted to take [ballet] out of the toe-shoes-and-tutu approach and have it be recognized more as an entertainment art form,” said shop chief creative officer Jan Talamo. Calling Philadelphia a “very sports-oriented town,” he said the ads are meant to convey that ballet requires a great deal of athleticism.

The work breaks this month; it also includes broadcast and outdoor.