Arnold Lends a Hand on Legacy’s Mutator Game

NEW YORK Templar Studios has launched an online game, Mutator, as part of the American Legacy Foundation’s anti-smoking Web site, Havas-owned Arnold in Boston, one of the client’s ad agencies, worked with Templar to create the game.

The interactive game is based on the client’s “Crazy World” ad campaign, a satirical carnival designed to raise awareness about the hazards of smoking.

“People are realizing that online gaming is just as effective as TV ads, and more cost effective,” said Peter Mack, president and general manager of the New York studio. “The reason for using this as a medium is that it is always available, unlike a TV commercial that ends in 30 seconds.”

The game, which is aimed at a wide audience, ages 18-50, was created to show both smokers and non-smokers the dangers of cigarettes using humor and irony. Players score points by avoiding moving green puffs of radioactive smoke. If they get caught in the smoke, they mutate into an alien-like form. “The idea is to attract people to entertain themselves and keep the message within context–to play for fun,” Mack said.