Arnold, Crispin Introduce Models to ‘Crazyworld’

BOSTON Defiant fashion models and a game show in which the “prize” is a smoker from the Czech Republic are elements in new TV spots crafted by Arnold and Crispin Porter + Bogusky for the American Legacy Foundation’s national “Truth” anti-smoking campaign.

“Models” deals with a tobacco company’s efforts to pay fashion designers to have show participants smoke its cigarettes during a runway fashion show. The models refuse, and are shown hurling buckets of money into the crowd as a voiceover says, “Guess money can’t buy everything.” A second spot, “Price Czech,” shows contestants bidding on “Pavel,” a cigarette smoker who wears a huge orange price tag around his neck.

Legacy claims both ads are based on real-life episodes; the latter spot stems from a Big Tobacco-backed report that said the Czech government saved money when its citizens died early from smoking.

The ads are set in the fictitious “Crazyworld,” a surreal, circus-like town used by Boston-based Arnold and Miami’s CP+B to underscore the folly of Big Tobacco and cigarette smoking in general. The client in Washington, D.C., spends about $90 million annually on ads.